Cleaning services

Zenith Cleaners offer institutional, commercial and residential cleaning and janitorial services, in a human and environmentally friendly way. For us, cleaning is not just a job, it is a practice and a metaphor.
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Cleaning as Practice

Our Cleaning as Practice programs work in various contexts for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Education

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How can the metaphors and meta themes of cleaning uncover beauty and unleash potential through the transformational power of the spoken word?
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What our clients say about us

Occasionally we discover an organization and people who are special. Zenith Cleaners is much more than the usual cleaning company. First, it has extraordinary leaders. Tolu and Roni align everything they do with their values of excellent service and care for our environment. Second, Zenith Cleaners has become their vehicle for the development and connection of people who they bring together from all walks of life to form meaningful relationships. Third, they have created a learning organization that leaves everyone with whom they come in contact intellectually and emotionally richer. Zenith has cleaned our home for more than eight years and we feel blessed to have Tolu and Roni in our lives.

Lynn Harris