A Clean Sweep

The act of sweeping is not just the cleaning of dirt and dust

It shows the willingness of the broom to become dirty and it’s ability to clean itself to fulfill it’s next task…again and again

Forgiveness is the act of clean sweeping, clearing bias, prejudice and hatred and making visible the inner layer of love and warmth

We too can and should sweep our minds and hearts with the simple and valuable sweep of forgiveness…again and again

So pick up your broom…with such sweeping thoughts we humbly ask for forgiveness.

This poem was given to me by Stephanie Childs, a Zenith Cleaners member who spent some time with Safai Vidyalaya in Gujurat, India. I thought it beautifully expresses the Zenith Cleaners philosophy. I shared it at the opening session of the Social Enterprise Alliance Conference, titled “Building an Economy Based on Love”. I also shared it during Wasan Dialogues and at many other places and will continue to. I have found no other statement that so simply and beautifully expresses the essence of cleaning.


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