A Transformational Adventure in Communications at Zenith Cleaning

Start: October 2015

Zenith Cleaning is a small team with big dreams and ideas. In addition to cleaning homes and offices, we are redefining cleaning and using it as a tool for individual, organizational and societal transformation. We are a non-traditional company attempting what has never been done with cleaning and our way of thinking and being are outside-the-box. We love people and welcome with open arms those who can thrive with us and our unique work culture while acknowledging that not everyone can.

For more information and before applying, please visit our website and find out more about us. We reiterate that we are not your average company as the average experience working at Zenith will push you out of your comfort zone sooner or later. That being said, we look to add open-minded people to our team and will contact you if we think you are a good fit.

Our previous Communications Director is moving on to do her Masters and we are looking for someone new to to take her place and take her work to a different level. The role is an unusual one in an unusual company. In her own words, “my life has been turned upside-down and inside-out in one year alone working at Zenith.” Read her full reflection here.

Criteria for working with us:

  • You love cleaning. No need to apply if cleaning is not your thing. You will be getting your hands dirty, literally and metaphorically. If you do not love cleaning, you must at least be willing and ready to explore and learn from it. Sorry, we can’t help it. Cleaning is what we do.
  • You have other passions going on in your life apart from physical cleaning.
  • You love people and have a preference for human connection and interaction over technology.
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty and outside the box thinking. The cleaning industry can often be unpredictable and requires thinking on your feet.
  • You are curious and are a perpetual learner. You are willing to set aside what you know and learn from every interaction and situation including the delightful and the distasteful.
  • You are motivated not as much by the need to climb any corporate ladders as the need to leave a space, a place better than you met it.
  • You are not afraid to make mistakes. You take responsibility for your errors and learn from them.
  • You are ready to see your work as a paid learning experience to help you grow as a human being and not just a “job” or a cheque.
  • You embrace the fact that we all are imperfect and are constantly improving yourself.
  • You are open to continuously exploring the meaning of Communication and are ready to embody its essence.
  • You are open to continuously exploring the meaning of Cleaning and are ready to embody its essence.

What you will be doing

At Zenith Cleaning, Communication is not so much about only communicating messages as about being our message and allowing it to clean/transform the world starting with ourselves. For us both internal and external communication are two sides of the same coin and true communication is from the inside out. In other words, it is about embracing the fact that you yourself will undergo personal “cleaning” and changes within yourself, so that you can also better represent our mission.

  • We clean homes, offices, schools and churches. You will be doing some cleaning and must be ready like everyone else to pick up the slack when necessary, cleaning-wise. It would help to consider yourself a Cleaner who also handles Communications since your work must embody the metaphor of Cleaning.
  • You will be handling our social media platforms, newsletters and all internal and external communication while spearheading our I am a Cleaner, Cleaners of the World and other initiatives.
  • You will coordinate internal and external communication as well as outreach to potential partners including governments and foundations
  • In addition to communicating via social media and newsletter with staff, clients and friends of Zenith, you will be connecting one on one with them as necessary.
  • You will help organize internal and external meetings and events as well as ensure smooth flow of information and energy in all directions.
  • Your work will be very challenging and not a walk in the park and you will be loved through it all by co-workers, clients and friends of Zenith Cleaning within and outside Montreal. Are you ready for the challenge?

Time Commitment: 25hrs/week with the possibility of increasing to full time.

Qualifications: we have a preference for doers and learners who are fresh University graduates simply because we believe they will have less to “unlearn” since they haven’t been conditioned by the conventional work culture. But we are more than open to candidates who can demonstrate that they are willing to put aside what they think they “know” and be prepared to learn things in new and completely different ways. Overall we’re looking for people with a willingness to learn and ask for help, a willingness to think outside-the-box
and a willingness to be human and grow from their mistakes.

Remuneration: This is to be discussed if/when we meet but it is neither minimum wage nor the highest paying of jobs. It is at par with what we pay our Cleaners. If you need to make a lot of money immediately, we are not for you but if you want to receive a token while learning and being part of a small team that is quietly changing the world, there may be a fit.

Please send your resume and cover letter to tolu@zenithcleaners.com.

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