About Us

“Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from any space, surface, object or subject thereby exposing beauty, potential, truth and sacredness.” – Tolulope Ilesanmi, Cleaner

We endeavor to bring our whole selves to cleaning and so we see that a clean space is much more than a physically clean space or clean objects but includes clean subjects too. Perhaps more important than and influencing the physical cleanliness of your space and more, is your enrollment, your partnership with us and the attitude of your cleaner – intangible things. We excitedly clean physical dirt as a practice for cleaning non-physical dirt.

Our view and approach to cleaning is expansive and it borders on the spiritual. It makes us want to wake up in the morning, to clean. We call it Cleaning as Practice. We clean bathrooms, kitchens, windows, walls, floors, homes, offices, schools, churches, gyms, retail stores and many other kinds of buildings and physical spaces.

We also bring cleaning to organizations and individuals as a practice and a deep metaphor for transformation. After all, the practice of cleaning is the practice of transformation and making a difference. Our years of experience doing cleaning as a practice enable us to assist individuals and organizations explore the rich benefits and various themes in cleaning.

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