Cleaning Service

How long has Zenith Cleaning been in business?

Zenith Cleaning commenced operations on May 11, 2004 in Montreal, Canada as Refuge Services because we wanted to create a refuge in the workplace. We became Zenith Cleaners shortly after. We officially became Zenith Cleaning Inc on March 1, 2015.  

Where does Zenith Cleaning operate?

We presently clean all over Montreal Metropolitan area. When it comes to spreading our philosophy of cleaning through workshops and other Cleaning as Practice engagements, we work all over the world.

How are you environmentally friendly?

We cannot claim to be 100% environmentally friendly as we realise that being environmentally friendly is a journey and not necessarily an achievement. We continue to seek ways to genuinely care for and about the people we intersect with in our work. These are some of the things we do.

We use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products that are independently certified by such labels like Green Seal and Ecologo. The products we use are harmless, hypoallergenic and baby friendly.

For post-cleaning aromas, we use essential oils to avoid the unhealthy and toxic fumes generated by traditional cleaning products. In addition to giving you an odor you like after cleaning, essential oils are also healthy and therapeutic.

We use microfiber cloths and mops, which are designed to reduce the need for strong cleaning chemicals.

Zenith Cleaners endeavors to minimize emission of green house gases by utilizing Public Transportation where available.

We also operate paperlessly by sending invoices, forms and correspondences by email in adobe pdf format as much as possible.

We constantly work with our clients to make them greener without their asking us to do so. We constantly review our products, equipments, methods and procedures and change them when necessary, to ensure our clients are well cared for.

Will I be required to sign a contract?

At Zenith Cleaning, we intentionally eschew restrictive contracts to ensure that our clients stay with us because of our quality and trustworthiness rather than contractual obligation. We want our clients to be able to leave us if and when they decide to, keeping us constantly on our toes. At the same time, we also want to be free to leave clients we are not comfortable asking our cleaners to work with.

Can I/we have the same cleaning team always?

We endeavour to send the same team to your home, office or building for each cleaning session. However, staff have as much freedom to disengage as clients do so we cannot promise the same team indefinitely. We give staff freedom to move on because in keeping with our employment policy, we do not think anyone should be tethered to a place for longer than they want to. We focus more on mutual contribution during the short time we are with each other than retention. Having said that, we have staff who stay on for years. If there needs to be a change, we will inform you.

How do I know you are trustworthy?

Do not take our word for it. Talk to 10 of our clients, including past clients. We are incapable of mass deception.

Are you bonded?

We are insured. However, we do not want you to do business with us because we are insured but because you are convinced that you will get the best value, with Zenith Cleaning. In addition, Zenith Cleaning has a true money-back guarantee, because we are human and we make mistakes.

Are your employees trustworthy?

The only reason we are trustworthy is because every staff is trustworthy. We find it hard to attract untrustworthy people. We do interviews and background checks. We have never had thefts and that can only happen when people do cleaning as practice like we do. We train ourselves to be better humans through our work. Every cleaner aims to be a spirit, soul and body representation of Zenith Cleaners. Zenith Cleaners is not the founder or the office staff, Zenith Cleaners is the cleaner. Talk to our clients.

How do I know you actually clean well and are not just poets and philosophers?

We will give you contact information for 10 clients or more, including past clients. Talk to them and go with whatever they tell you. It is part of due diligence.

What has cleaning got to do with due diligence?

Your cleaner has access to assets and information even your business partners do not. Your cleaner has access to the privacy of your home and bedroom. Perhaps you should chose carefully.