Our practice

Cleaning is not just a job. It is an apt metaphor and worthy practice.

Our work involves developing the highly transferable practices and skills offered by cleaning, which in addition to helping us serve our clients better, make us better humans:

  • love – cleaning is an act of love
  • humility – we touch dirt daily and that keeps those of us who are poets or visionaries or CEOs, very grounded and less apt to take ourselves too seriously
  • fearlessness – we are not afraid of dirt
  • presence – true cleaning requires being here, spirit, soul and body. We even sometimes “hear” what the walls, floors, tables, chairs and other seemingly lifeless objects are saying, we pick up vibrations non-cleaners may miss
  • reverence – as we clean we honor the human beings we clean for not because they are paying clients but because they are humans
  • inspiration – the moment you start cleaning, you are “in spirit” if done with the right attitude; ideas, solutions, concepts come to you unsought
  • service – we are in service as we clean
  • renewal – as we clean, we self-clean and appreciate continuous renewal
  • simplicity – cleaning is simple as it does not fundamentally change what is being cleaned, it only removes the dirt to reveal underlying beauty, potential, truth and sacredness. Beautiful.
  • cleaning the cleaner – as a cleaner, like a cleaning cloth, you pick up dirt as you clean and at some point you become a transmitter of dirt instead of a cleaner. Cleaning the cleaner keeps you a cleaner by removing the dirt that you get full of, again and again.

This is not exhaustive but is expansive. Because cleaning is a practice for us, we expect more from ourselves. When we miss it, we delightfully compensate our clients and even refund thousands of dollars when necessary. The practice of cleaning means we do not beat ourselves on the head, we just get busy cleaning the spot we missed.