BALLE Conference

One of the perks of presenting cleaning as a metaphor is that the cleaner gets invited to many places. Tolu spoke at the closing session of the BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) conference in early June. The session was titled, “The Compassionate Way Forward.” and his topic was “Cleaning our Windows.” He was privileged to share the stage with Judy Wicks co-founder of BALLE and Tyler Norris. Vice President, Total Health Partnerships at Kaiser Permanente. Michelle Long, BALLE‘s Executive Director had this to say, “I loved what you three brought to this community. Thank you. It was an extraordinary ending…truly perfect. Thank you for being and bringing so much light. I cannot tell you how many people expressed tears, deep gratitude, and profound connection to me and I know you three were a big part of having brought that field together.”

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