Become a client

We invite you to consider engaging Zenith Cleaners to clean your home, office or building. While pricing matters, we do not like selections based solely on price as it tends to smother the infinite possibilities that could emerge when human beings interact.

If pricing is your primary consideration in choosing a cleaner, and you couldnt care less who does your cleaning, we will be very happy to not be your cleaners. If you see cleaning as an intimate service in which relationship and trust are weightier than the finances of the transaction, and you want Zenith Cleaning because of who we are, let’s talk even if we end up not cleaning for you and even if we clean for you at no financial cost to you.

Check us out

We consider cleaning service as a dance between two parties and not a performance you pay for and watch from a distance. Are you willing to dance with us? Before you do, peruse our website and our blog, check our twitter feed and ask to speak to past and present clients so you can get a better feel for who we are and who we are becoming.

Before establishing a relationship we strongly prefer face to face meetings. After all, you should know who you are bringing into your space, who will effectively be custodians of your physical and information assets.

Pricing and Payment

Pricing is important and is itself a statement. We agree a price with you after meeting with you and discussing your needs and after acsertaining that we want to clean for you, which we are in no hurry to do because we take it seriously. Payment can be made in advance or after the service.

Contact us or kindly complete the form below to request a no-obligation meeting and discussion of your needs, preferably at the location where cleaning is required, even if you require free cleaning.