William Timothy Walker

How can we be radically authentic and life serving in our personal life expressions, relationships and practical service in the world? This is the living question I carry with me and that guides me in my service of others.

In my work with individuals, couples, families, youth, and organizations, I invite people to connect with and embody their deepest life potential at any given time. I inspire the possibility of deeply purposeful engagement with life and challenge people to discard what is no longer life-serving or authentic for them, whether that be in a family constellation or organizational culture. My life experience and work with hundreds of people as an educator, researcher, consultant, and guide of life potential, has shown me that the state, quality of, and commitment to our interiority as individuals, groups, community, and culture—how we live and where we live from—is the most important factor in creating authentic and sustainable systems. I am passionate about supporting people, groups, and organizations that wish to relate to themselves, others, and their work in the most authentic, embodied and life-empowering way they can.

For the past 10 years I have worked as an organizational consultant, university educator, researcher, youth mentor, and guide of life potential internationally. I have worked with multinational organizations and for non-profit organizations including Outward Bound Canada and Boys to Men Canada. I follow my ‘yes’ for life, my authentic impulses, which has offered me an abundance of life-enriching experiences working and traveling internationally, adventuring in the wilderness, and going on multi-month pilgrimages in search of truth. In 2012, I had a calling to walk for life, to follow the fire in my heart to live fully and truthfully, which led me on a series of multi-month walking pilgrimages in North American and Europe. During this time I spent prolonged periods in nature, living simply, and even living on the street. These experiences challenged me to embrace the unknown, face deep fears, and revive my commitment to life. My book, Walk of Life, offers the wisdom of my experiences.

I invite you to connect with me at www.williamtimothywalker.com