Featured Friends: Deb Nelson


Deb is the Executive Director of Social Venture Network, the world’s leading community of entrepreneurs and visionaries who are pioneers and leaders of social enterprise and conscious business.

At an SVN conference in April 2012 Tolu decided to talk to Deb about an idea that had been cooking in his mind and heart for a while – inviting C-level executives to a transformational experience where they become cleaners for 3 days. Tolu said (and we believe him) that he only wanted to seek feedback on the idea from Deb. He was therefore a little taken aback when Deb said, “this will be great for our members…but come to think of it, I can do this. I want to do this. I would like to come to Montreal in August to participate in your program.” Deb saw the promise of the idea and committed to it before we had even fleshed it out. She flew to Montreal and had an experience that went way beyond what we were thinking. She has spoken about her experience at TEDx Presidio, YPO, SVN, News Media and other formal and informal occasions. She was also kind enough to allow us to share her testimonial.

We deeply honor Deb as a model leader for our time, a pacesetter and ambassador for Zenith Cleaning and Cleaning as Practice. Deb’s faith in us strengthened our faith in the transformational power of Cleaning as Practice.


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