Evoking “Feels Great’

clean-happy-tipsThe CEO of a Zenith Cleaning client went to the office manager and said, “I don’t know what those cleaning guys did to the place but it feels great!”

“Feels great” goes beyond what an office looks or smells like. Obviously, if there was garbage strewn all over the floor or the smell of rotten food saturated the air, it could not possibly feel great. “Feels great” includes and transcends the physical attributes of the physical space in question and speaks to an intangible quality within an individual’s interior, invisible space.

This can only happen when cleaning is done holistically. When the cleaner comes to cleaning as a whole person she cannot help but clean the intangible. A very humble cleaner who insists on wholeness can easily create significant intrinsic and extrinsic value. What can a CEO or anyone for that matter do with a great feeling? What if a consultant, a lawyer, a physician, a coach, a teacher, a parent, a waitress, a politician, a CEO learns how to create a great feeling in others? How can a cleaner consistently produce “feels great?”

If cleaners who are considered “last of all” can produce “feels great,” obviously anyone else in our societal or organizational “hierarchies” can. And perhaps, the cleaners can show how.

Our Cleaning as Practice program for leaders, schools and organizations teaches simply, profoundly and as unobtrusively as possible, how to create a feeling of greatness. The greatest lessons are not forced upon us but dawn on us as quietly as the dawn. Cleaning because of it’s meditative nature, it’s invisibility and humility and because it is way down in our societal hierarchy, away from the noise, lends itself easily to truths and insights dawning on us.

Cleaning as Practice is even more powerful when done by people who are higher up in our societal and organizational hierarchy or even those of us who have chosen to be lower, but approach cleaning holistically and with the humility and unknowing of the beginner.

By evoking “feels great” we had cleaned the intangible and that made us feel great and like cleaning the tangible, yesterday’s cleaning is only good enough for yesterday and that keeps you humble because the next time in that space, you are a beginner.

What if we all regardless of our vocations consistently work towards evoking “feels great” unsought? Does it not create a great feeling in the giver and the recepient? Could that be one of the ways we can begin to clean the world?