Featured Friends: Belina Raffy


belina-raffyBelina is one of the world’s leading Applied Improvisation consultants and the co-founder of the Thrivable World Quest. While in Montreal, she found out about our Cleaning as Practice program and wasted no time in committing 3 days to it. She is a perfect example of the value of being an outsider – you see what insiders miss and you see what you would have never seen had you not ventured outside. From her participation in the program, she gave to all of us and the world, the dust cloth principle, which we have shared everywhere from talks at Ivey League schools to Leadership retreats to one-one-one conversations.

While cleaning a home in Montreal, Belina observed that the microfiber cloth she was using was picking up dust and got to a point where it had picked up so much dirt that it stopped being a cleaner and started to start spreading more dirt. In our conversation after the experience, she saw the connection between that simple and obvious fact (that we all experience but never think about) and larger themes that affect individuals, organizations and society. She helped us to realize that as human beings, as leaders, as cleaners, we pick up dirt  in the form of negative thoughts, ideas and various kinds of stress. Unless we clean our own dust cloths again and again through self-care either through meditation, reflection or rest, at some point we will no longer be helping ourselves nor those around but instead transmitting “dirt”. We continue to mine and build on that insight. We and the world have Belina to thank for it.

Because of her love for cleaning and Cleaning as Practice, she is also one of our collaborators. Belina wrote a beautiful piece titled, A Cleaning Christmas, where she talks about the dust cloth principle and shows the connection between our outer and inner worlds.




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