Featured Friends: Judi Cohen

IMG_0965-1At a Social Venture Network conference in April 2012, Judi Cohen, a fellow SVN ambassador and a founder of Warrior One, which offers Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness-based coaching, asked Tolu during a conversation: “So what is your most rebellious idea?” Tolu’s rebellious response: “To get CEOs cleaning.” Judi very quickly saw what was said and more.
At the time, Cleaning as Practice was an idea we were nursing. But that question and Judi’s support and coaching became a springboard for us.
We started by inviting executives to clean, and now, partly due to Judi’s encouragement we are also inviting future generations of leaders to clean as a practice and a metaphor, which they will need since they are inheriting a huge mess.
Thank you Judi for believing in our crazy idea even before it had form. You can check out her work here .


3 thoughts on “Featured Friends: Judi Cohen

  1. pezro njengah

    it s no crazy idea, if you are a leader you should lead in all areas. Its an encouragement to see president Paul Kagame of Rwanda in the streets with a broom once in a month and in thus Rwanda is clean!

    IF YOU ARE TRULY CLEAN YOU MUST BE A CLEANER deep from the mind and heart.

  2. tolu

    Beautiful. Will be great to connect with President Paul Kagame about that. I bet the message there is not only about physical dirt. It goes deeper.

    No it is not crazy when you really come to think of it. When you are a leader you should lead in making things better, including sweeping the floor or washing the bathroom. It does not reduce you, it elevates you.

  3. pezro njengah

    Its a deeper message Tolu, imagine what it feels like to see a head of the family doing dishes late in the night and waking up early to prepare kids go to school! a reserved Feminine role ,those kind of families live happily and in setting the good examples in all areas, we’ become not made’…………………..


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