Agents de propreté du monde

At Zenith, we would like to tell the story of cleanliness worldwide agents. They have fascinating anecdotes, lessons to share and a unique look behind the scenes of the trade that can improve our spaces. They are regularly confronted with the hard and soft dirt, and through this process gain wisdom worth sharing. We want to salute the cleanliness of agents around the world through their stories.
Here Roberto.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.32.24 PMIn addition to having earned two masters and published a book, teach at the university and continue writing a new book, Roberto is clean agent. Her story is just amazing. Having fled Chile under the Pinochet regime in 1977, he came here, like many others, with only memories of his personal and professional life. Despite having been a professor of history in Chile, he eventually became clean agent at a school in the company of another Chilean, also teacher. He recalls how students were throwing for fun wet toilet paper balls on the ceiling sanitary and how his colleague and had to clean it each time the result of these disrespectful acts. One day, they both decided to go talk to the principal about what they could do to improve the behavior of pupils concerned. After all, they always felt teachers at heart and thus forced to somehow find a way to manage the undisciplined students. The response of the principal? “Your only job here is to clean. ”

A few decades later, Roberto is now retired and enjoys the fruits of his labor. However, he continues to work as a cleaning agent and moves to town to clean different areas. When asked why, he simply replied that “clean can be painful but is not complicated. This allows me to relax while keeping my body in motion so I can concentrate on writing my next book. I love the feeling I get from the fact of making the most pleasant spaces for others so they can feel better. “
Roberto is clean agent.
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