Featured Friends: Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens, an episcopal priest who spends more time with former prostitutes than with priests, is the founder of Nashville-based Thistle Farms, an organization that is a role model for any organization involved in the work of rehabilitation. They transform the lives of women who have been in sex-trafficking, drug addiction and violence. All the women employed by Thistle Farms, from receptionists to sales directors, used to be in their program and when you visit you will find it hard to believe any of the women who work there were ever on the streets.

When Tolu had the privilege of sharing the stage with Becca at the opening plenary of the 2014 Social Enterprise Alliance conference in Nashville, he was asked, “What have you learnt from Becca?” He responded, “I am learning how to clean.” Becca is a Cleaner. Thistle Farms is a cleaning organization. She and her work are the real deal for which our work at Zenith Cleaning is a metaphor. Perhaps this why Becca fell in love quickly with what she calls our “theology of cleaning” and continues to support us. We think the whole world should learn about her and her work.

You can check out her amazing project on the official website here and also on their official Facebook page.

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