Friends of Zenith

There are numerous individuals who share our passion for trying to make the world a better place and who support us on our journey to introduce CaP to the world stage. We want to honour these friends of ours by profiling who they are and their work.

Meet Judi Cohen. 
IMG_0965-1At a Social Venture Network conference in April 2012, Judi Cohen, a fellow SVN ambassador and a founder of Warrior One, which offers Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness-based coaching, asked Tolu during a conversation: “So what is your most rebellious idea?” Tolu’s rebellious response: “To get CEOs cleaning.” Judi very quickly saw what was said and more. At the time, Cleaning as Practice was an idea we were nursing. But that question and Judi’s support and coaching became a springboard for us. We started by inviting executives to clean, and now, partly due to Judi’s encouragement we are also inviting future generations of leaders to clean as a practice and a metaphor, which they will need since they are inheriting a huge mess. Thanks Judi for believing in our crazy idea even before it had form. You can check out her work here .