Metaphorical enterprise

Figures of speech delight me. I love the idea of saying or writing something that means much more than it appears. I think proverbs and figures of speech beautify and elevate language.

I recently concluded that writing and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. Writing presents thoughts in readable words. Entrepreneurship brings ideas into fruition. At the fundamental level, both require receiving ideas and thoughts, processing them and presenting them to the world either for reading or as a service or product people interact with. We can amend our enterprises and organizations the same way we can amend the thoughts we write or hold in our heads. Every enterprise or organization is a concept, a collection of thoughts people interact with.

If we can speak or write in metaphors, can we not create metaphorical enterprises that point to something deeper and bigger than themselves? I think all work can be metaphorical. Every task can be a metaphorical statement.

For many reasons, cleaning is a richer and much more exciting activity when performed as a metaphor (I know I am breaking rules of English grammar but I delight in breaking rules) in addition to the task itself being done excellently. Great cleaning is the beginning, not the end and that is why we do not devote our reflections to the task of cleaning, how to mop a floor, dust a desk, etc. Artificial intelligence can do that.

At Zenith Cleaners, we devote our minds and spirits to cleaning as a metaphor. That is why we love it.