New Faces!


Alyssa Wilbur

Ethnically, I have Yemeni and American roots, but I spent majority of my life in Indonesia. I recently graduated from McGill University with a B.A. in International Development and Geography. Currently, I work as the Outreach Director at Zenith. In my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer, reading, and spending time with friends. My favourite thing about cleaning is the introspective time I get to reorganize my thoughts and think about my life passions. My favourite place to clean are kitchens as I enjoy reorganizing spaces, and nothing is more fun than going through cooking spices and baking products!

Linda Sarvi

I have Finnish, Zambian and Malawian roots but I mostly grew up in the UK and the Philippines. I graduated from McGill University earlier this year and now work as the Communications Director at Zenith. In my spare time I like to daydream, dance, and go on adventures. My favourite thing about cleaning is that it allows my brain to come up with all sorts of creative ideas for fun while forcing me to come back to the present moment at the same time. My favourite place to clean up is my room as it helps me centre myself for the rest of the week…or until the next time my room gets dirty.

Edward Martin

My ethnic origins are Senegalese, Guadeloupean and American but I grew up in France and Morocco. I recently graduated from McGill and I am currently working in a fundraising call centre. I am working with Zenith Cleaners because I enjoy cleaning and I want to promote the notion that cleaning is not just about removing dirt but also about revealing beauty, whether it is the beauty of a space we live in or the beauty that lies within us. My favourite places to clean are kitchens because I love cooking and I know that the best meals can only be prepared in the cleanest kitchens.

Liz Pis

I grew up in Chicago. I am a recent graduate from McGill and I currently working with Zenith Cleaners as an Operations Director. My interests include social science research, biking, good food and good friends. I love cleaning in general. It gives me a chance to set my mind free while being physically productive, and always have amazing conversations with myself while cleaning! I love cleaning with a team and harnessing this whole communication thing to get the job done well! I love cleaning well-used areas, where you can easily see how your efforts are making a difference. I am most satisfied by scrubbing, scrubbing, and scrubbing until I finally get to that one thing that has been bothering me since I started the area/job.

Roni Leaving: Most clients of Zenith Cleaners are familiar with Roni, who co-founded Zenith and without whom we may have died in infancy. Roni handled all our accounting and operations. She is no longer with us and we are happy to see her thrive elsewhere.


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