Cleaning services

We offer residential, office, churches, school cleaning services.

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Institutional Services

Zenith Cleaners offer quality cleaning and janitorial services to institutions such as educational buildings and churches with a commitment to excellence and environmentally friendly cleaning methods and with a view to connecting cleaning with the organization’s work and purpose.
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Commercial Services

We provide maintenance cleaning and janitorial services, and comprehensive cleaning services on a one-off or ongoing contractual basis. Zenith Cleaners is committed to a premium level of service throughout the duration of the relationship, not just during moratorium periods.
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Residential Services

Due to the intimate nature of residential cleaning, Zenith Cleaners has a strong preference for long-term relationships. We intentionally do not take on just any client as much as we do not think you should invite just anyone into your sacred space as you may be adding invisible dirt.
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Cleaning as Practice

Our unique approach fosters conditions for people and organizations to thrive.

Leadership Development

We invite C-level executives and organizational leaders to spend time outside of their comfort zones immersed in a simple and unique experience that will expand your horizons and enable you see yourself and the world in a new light.
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Organizational Development

We bring the transformational nature of cleaning to the service of teams and whole organizations through programs uniquely designed for each team or organization.
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We expose rich possibilities in educational institutions through the transformation of the simplest of activities into a rich source of learning, practice and metaphor with multiple layers of benefits for all involved.
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Presenting the practice and metaphor of cleaning in ways that are eye opening

Cleaning touches every space, every organization, every human, every group. How can the metaphor of cleaning do what cleaning does – uncover beauty and unleash potential?

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