Cleaning as Practice

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Cleaning as Practice is a paradigm shifting, threshold crossing immersive experience unlike any other. Our offerings include Leadership Development, Organizational Development and Educational programs.

There is a practical and a reflective aspect to Cleaning as Practice and neither is complete without the other.

The practical involves immersion in light duty cleaning. The principles and practices of cleaning create deep transformation. We discovered that light duty cleaning requires only little technical skills, which can be learnt very quickly since cleaning is not about creating or adding stuff, but simply removing dirt.

The reflective aspect involves conversations and opportunities to reflect before, during and after cleaning. We bring the themes and insights we have discovered in cleaning  such as mindfulness, presence, empathy, openness but participants always come up with new insights and themes. The practical and the reflective combine to bring out the shine in individuals and in your organization in a way that is unlike any other program.

The experience is deeply transformational because it touches the body, head and heart of participants with corresponding impacts on the organization.

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