Cleaning as Practice uses the simplicity of cleaning as a tool for personal and leadership development. Through diverse, startling experiences participants become their own teachers (cleaners), resulting in deeply rooted transformation. Each participant’s preferences and contexts will produce unique learning and growth opportunities. By crossing imaginary and real boundaries, participants will learn to transcend personal and organizational limitations (dirt).

C-level executives and organizational leaders are invited to spend time outside of their comfort zones immersed in a simple and unique experience that will shatter assumptions and enable you see yourself, others and the world in a new light.

Wear a cleaner’s uniform. Participate in a different kind of leadership and follow experienced cleaners: work with them, commute together, visit restaurants, and return to your hotel, dressed – inside and out – as a cleaner.

Spend 3 or 5 days cleaning and reflecting on the experience. Learn to see the world through a cleaner lens. You may want to do it again and again. Cleaning never ends.

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