Cleaning services


We clean visible spaces but the cleanliness of the invisible space (harmony, shared understanding of tasks, mutual respect, empathy, freedom, responsibility, honesty) is much more important and matters a lot to how well we do our work

Zenith Cleaners offer institutional, commercial and residential cleaning and janitorial services, in an environmentally friendly way. At Zenith Cleaners, environmental friendliness or quality of cleaning is the beginning, not the end.

We expose staff and clients to each other at a human level to ensure the cleanliness of the invisible spaces. Feedback is at the heart and soul of our work. For us, cleaning is not just a job, it is a practice and a metaphor.

Staff and clients have the freedom to choose each other. They also have the freedom to stop working together. We aim for every Zenith Cleaner to be a full embodiment of Zenith Cleaners, so that when a client interacts with any c.leaner, they are interacting with the spirit, soul and body of Zenith Cleaners.

Institutional Services

Zenith Cleaners offer quality cleaning and janitorial services to institutions such as educational buildings and churches with a commitment to excellence and environmentally friendly cleaning methods and with a view to connecting cleaning with the organization’s work and purpose.

As cleaners, we work with staff and executive teams to clean organizational cultures and help the organization clean whatever they are trying to clean in the world using the principles and practices of cleaning. Since the universe is One, the principles of cleaning are highly portable.

For cleaning of public buildings such as schools, daycare centers and other facilities used by vulnerable populations, we offer periodic disinfection services. Our environmentally friendly methods, such as dry vapor cleaning, are chemical-free and proven to be highly effective against disease-causing micro-organisms.

Commercial Services

With commercial clients, Zenith Cleaners promotes non-toxic and healthy work environments, providing environmentally friendly maintenance cleaning and janitorial services.

We provide maintenance cleaning and janitorial services, and comprehensive cleaning services on a one-off or ongoing contractual basis. Zenith Cleaners is committed to a premium level of service throughout the duration of the relationship, not just during moratorium periods. Our clients can and do testify to our commitment to excellence.

We develop a maintenance cleaning program specific to each client with a view to connecting cleaning to the company’s work, purpose and mission. Our view of cleaning is holistic.

Residential Services

Due to the intimate nature of residential cleaning, Zenith Cleaners has a strong preference for long-term relationships. We intentionally do not take on just any client as much as we do not think you should invite just anyone into your sacred space as you may be adding invisible dirt. As we clean your home, we want to clean holistically. Our residential cleaning services include:

  • Periodic Maintenance Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning