Occasionally we discover an organization and people who are special. Zenith Cleaners is much more than the usual cleaning company. First, it has extraordinary leaders. Tolu and Roni align everything they do with their values of excellent service and care for our environment. Second, Zenith Cleaners has become their vehicle for the development and connection of people who they bring together from all walks of life to form meaningful relationships. Third, they have created a learning organization that leaves everyone with whom they come in contact intellectually and emotionally richer. Zenith has cleaned our home for more than eight years and we feel blessed to have Tolu and Roni in our lives.


I have never cleaned so much since my relationship with Zenith Cleaners commenced but in a completely different way. I am no longer cleaning to get my place clean but cleaning to dive deeply into my world and to bring joy to my family as they step into the luminous space called “home"

Trillium Montreal

Nettoyage Zénith est en charge de l’entretien ménager de notre siège social montréalais depuis cinq ans. Zenith s’est adaptée à nos besoins, et le travail est effectué avec professionnalisme, discrétion et respect de l’environnement. Nous continuons d’utiliser leurs services et recommandons fortement à d’autres entreprises d’en faire autant.


As their client I was the recipient not only of their exceptional cleaning, but also their kindness and thoughtfulness as a caring service provider.”

Comme cliente, j’ai profité non seulement de leur service de ménage exceptionnel, mais aussi de leur gentillesse et de leur délicatesse.

We have been using Zenith for a few years now in our business and they do a wonderful job. They are super reliable, friendly and efficient! Plus they use all eco friendly products that smell oh so wonderful!

past manager, Lululemon Athletica

Nous faisons affaire avec Nettoyage Zénith depuis quelques années pour notre entreprise et les employés font un excellent travail. Ils sont extrêmement fiables, amicaux et efficaces! Qui plus est, ils utilisent des produits écologiques dont l’odeur est merveilleuse!

ancien gérant, Lululemon Athletica