Our power to make the world better

Social MediaGiven the result of the Brexit referendum, what is the invitation now, where the rubber meets the road, where individuals get to choose? Among those who favored a Britain that is part of the E.U. what is the opportunity occasioned by the fact that 52% of Britons voted for Britain to be out of the E.U? Is it all doom and gloom? Do we just lament and blame the people who caused it? What can individuals who are part of the 52% or the remaining 48% do now to make the world better and leave a better world for the next generation? Nothing?

I reflect of course as a Cleaner, not a political analyst. The practice of cleaning is about being confronted with a mess, a mess that most times, was not caused by you, and choosing to bring beauty out of it. We all respond to messes. Some of us respond by ignoring it, some respond by moving away from it, some respond by blaming those who caused it and some respond by getting their hands dirty and revealing beauty and potential, in the mess. Cleaners take dirtiness as an invitation, an invitation to unveil beauty and potential, sometimes at great cost.

What is the invitation of an Obama Presidency for the individual right now in the United States? What is the invitation of a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton Presidency? Some may respond by moving to Canada because they can and because Canada is welcoming, for now. What happens if Canada becomes hostile? Perhaps we need people who are able to be with a mess that was not caused by them and still reveal beauty in it, not necessarily on a national scale but on an individual level, which is where it really matters, even if Liberals are in power, even if Donald Trump becomes President, even if the British government exits the E.U.

What is the invitation of corruption and lack of governance in Nigeria for Nigerians who truly care? To lament corruption and lack of governance? Could we as individuals still be capable of making a difference when confronted with a mess that we did not cause or do we simply respond by lamenting, blaming and relinquishing our power to make a difference, especially when things are not looking good?

For those who care, the time to get our hands dirty to make the world better, is when the world is in a mess, not when it is paradise. Like I once said, “Hope is not needed when there is hope, hope is needed when there is no hope.” That time is now and to paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, no one can strip us of our power to make the world better unless we let them.

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