Qualities of Great Cleaners

Great cleaning has more to do with “soft skills” than technical skills, because cleaning is more an art than a science. A great cleaner,

Embodies cleaning. A true cleaner does cleaning as a practice that goes beyond physically cleaning someone else’s space but includes periodically cleaning their own interior space while cleaning the exterior.

Thinks big and thinks small. Great cleaners understand that their task is realigning an object, being or space with the default state of the universe – shalom, peace, wholeness, love – as well as with the purpose and mission of those for whom they clean. Great cleaners are also immersed in the details. Cleaning is in the details.

Sees beauty. Great cleaners have the courage to look beyond the internal and external dirt again and again and see beauty, understanding that dirt is an invitation to unveil beauty within and without.

Loves people. The focus of the cleaner is the human beings who use, work or live in the space being cleaned and not just the physical space. The best cleaners for a space are the people who care most about the beings in that space because cleaning is an expression of love.

Seeks feedback. Great cleaners cannot do without feedback. However, they are attuned to the fact that feedback reveals a lot about the client and their state when the feedback was being given.

Is a custodian. A great cleaner takes responsibility for ensuring security and wellbeing of the space being cleaned. They use their personal judgement and know when to go outside the task list because they are custodians.

Understands and plays with energy. A great cleaner understands that cleaning involves an intermingling and transference of energies, from the inside out.

Embraces invisibility. It feels good to be visible, to be seen and acknowledged but a great cleaner embraces invisibility. Being invisible allows us to process thoughts unhindered and experience the truth about people and organizations.

Is humble. A great cleaner is there to serve, to wait on someone else who can tell you they are totally dissatisfied with your work or they are extremely delighted. A true cleaner is comfortable being wrong and open to learning. The humility of the cleaner is the humility required for wisdom, creativity and innovation.

Uses healthy products and tools. A great cleaner realizes that she is not truly cleaning if the cleaning agents she is using are toxic to any thing but dirt. A true cleaner uses products that embody the spirit of cleaning.

Is present. A true cleaner brings their whole spirit, soul and body to the moment of cleaning. Their souls are as awake and attentive as their eyes and hands. They are attentive to what the situation demands and do not compromise the quality of care for those for whom they clean.

Cleans the cleaner. Like dust cloths, great cleaners have practices that clean them internally and externally and restores them to wholeness, again and again, to avoid being transmitters of dirt.