Richard Despatie

Richard Despatie

Tolu’s presentation was my favourite class of the entire semester.  The story of a McGill MBA turned entrepreneur/cleaner was inspiring and eye opening.  The idea that cleaning can be seen as more than just what we know it as, but as a way of life is something I have looked at my life for.  Cleaning your life, and removing dirt and issues to show true beauty is what it is all about.

I liked his analogy of how you need to clean what you use to clean.  If you clean the room with a dirty rag, the dirt just gets pushed around.  In relation to our world, if we try to fix issues with something that is not pure or clean, we are just moving the issues somewhere else.  We are essentially shifting the responsibility over to other people.

I have always wanted to use my business knowledge to more than just a business use.  I am an accounting major, and am pursing my CPA designation but I would like to use accounting for more than just accounting.  I have always envisioned developing a group that helps underdeveloped areas improve their businesses in a “clean” way.  Not by making them change how they function but using it to protect themselves from theft, and have them understand their rights.  This would help foster better relationships in community and business and create a network which would help societies function in a way that meets their current needs, and their current practices.

Tolu’s presentation really opened my eyes, and gave me a better view of the world.  I will never look at something for just what it is; cleaning is not just cleaning.

McGill BCom Student, October 2015

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