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This year we are grateful for the many opportunities to reach out to a wide variety of audiences to talk about Cleaning as Practice and our on-going evolution here at Zenith. Every time we are asked to come speak at an event or to share our story, we get to meet and connect with many amazing people doing amazing things. These are a few of the opportunities we have had to share about Cleaning in 2014.

Together with Becca Stevens, founder of the amazing Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tolu was opening keynote speaker at the Social Enterprise Alliance conference in Nashville at a session titled “Building an Economy Based on Love.”

Tolu became a Visiting Scholar in the new Spirituality Mind Body Summer Intensive Program at Columbia University Teacher’s College. His first session was a joint presentation with Gadhadara Pandit Dasa, an urban Hindu Monk and chaplain at Columbia and NYU. This program is first of its kind in the Ivy League and we at Zenith Cleaning are grateful and proud to contribute to the future of learning, as cleaner

Tolu also was a guest speaker at Columbia Business School’s Career Success from the Inside-Out Seminar

He spoke again at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management’s Undergraduate Class as he does every year since graduating from McGill. This feedback from Tolu’s last talk in the Social Context of Business Class taught by Louis Chauvin is beautiful and fairly representative of the reaction of people in various settings.

Tolu spoke about Cleaning at the St Peter’s Anglican Church in Town of Mount Royal in Montreal in the summer. In early Fall, at Becca Steven’s invitation, he spoke briefly on the Theology of Cleaning at Vanderbilt University’s Chapel in early September.

In late summer, Tolu shared his story and philosophy of cleaning with a group of current and ex-inmates at the Open Door event organized by the Montreal Southwest Community Ministries and recently spoke at St James Church about cleaning and spirituality.

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